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Methods and concepts for Value Based Management (VBM)

Andrew Jack - Value Mapping Ansoff - Product-Market Grid
Arthur D. Little - ADL Matrix Baldrige - Award Criteria
Boston Consulting Matrix Brand Asset Valuator
CGE&Y - Value Creation Indices EBITDA
EFQM Edward Altman - Z-Score
Eliyahu Goldratt - Theory of Constraints Financial Business Valuation
Financial Ratios Goleman - Leadership Styles
Kaplan - Strategy Maps Kenichi Ohmae - The 3c Model
Life Cycle M&A Concepts
McKinsey - 7s Model McKinsey Matrix
Mintzberg - Organizational Configurations Outsourcing
Porter - Five Forces Model Porter - Value Chain Framework
RAROC Relative Value of Growth
Scenario Planning Skandia Navigator
Steps Ahead - Black Hole Analyses Steps Ahead - Building Better Business
Steps Ahead - Cash Management Steps Ahead - Early Warning Indicators
Steps Ahead - KISS Steps Ahead - Restructuring Approach
Steps Ahead - Stock Reduction Management Steps Ahead - Value Creation Approach
Steps Ahead - Value Improvement Map Steps Ahead - Working Capital Management
Value Based Management Value Reporting Framework